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Kyle Coughlin’s Educational Websites
Twelve free online metronomes. Three of the metronomes talk and count the beat. The site also includes regular clicking metronomes, subdividing metronomes, a sleigh bell metronome, and metronome click tracks that can be used on iPhones and tablets.
A thorough, step-by-step introduction to rhythm, the terms associated with it, and all basic note values. The site accompanies the book The Fundamentals of Rhythm, by Kyle Coughlin, which has over 450 rhythm patterns to help students improve their skills. The website includes audio examples of the patterns.
Many different choices of free blank staff paper. Several sizes and number of staves per page are offered. Also, unlike most free staff paper sites, there are pages available with margins at the top, for writing titles. The site also includes simple percussion staves. There is also a section on proper music notation.
A site dedicated to educating clarinetists of all ages and abilities. More coming soon.
The clearest and easiest clarinet fingering charts available. They feature an actual picture of a clarinet that is easy to see and understand for students.

Kyle Coughlin’s Publications
Books for beginning clarinet, saxophone, and flute, including jazz instruction and Christmas duets.

Other great educational sites - A great music performance site and blog


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